MeSome time ago I went on a mission trip to the island of St. Lucia. There, was a small little congregation of maybe 30 people faithfully worshiping God, and a missionary who existed to serve God, yet struggled to live. He had graciously taken a week of unpaid vacation to host our small team of wannabe missionaries and ensure we all had a great trip. He bent over backwards to serve us in every way possible. I couldn’t thank him enough. At one point I literally began thanking him repeatedly. What was strange was every time I thanked him, he didn’t say “thank you”, or “your welcome”, instead he simply responded “God be Praised.”

At first I thought this was some strange way of saying “your welcome” in the island culture. But then I realized…he was trying to take the praise off of himself and direct it toward God. He wanted God to be Praised. I was humbled by his humility and this phrase quickly became my life motto. God be Praised.

This is who I wish to be. I wish to be a person that brings praise and glory to God in everything I do. I pray that I am a tool in His hands and wish to make Him and His word known. I live in Midland, Texas where God allows me to serve as the Youth Minister at Fairmont Park Church of Christ. I have worked with young people and adults in various ways and with various congregations since 2001. I enjoy speaking and teaching  and pray that I bring glory and honor to God through this work.

God has blessed me with three beautiful Girls in my life. Celeste and I married in 2001 and have grown to love each other more than we ever thought possible. We have two daughters in very different stages of life. My oldest is 12 and one year away from Jr. High and entering our youth group. My youngest is 3 and helps me discover our world in new and exciting ways.

My family and I enjoy backpacking and multi-day trips on a lonely trail or remote river. I like to find those few places left on the earth where no cell service can reach. Many people joke, including my wife, that my idea of “fun” and “relaxation” is torture for most people. A 30-40 pound pack on my back, an air-mattress less then an inch thick, and freeze dried food all bring a smile to my face. I dream of someday through hiking the Appalatian trail with my family, or backpacking across Europe when my daughters grow up.