N.T. Wright and The Strange Challenge of Truth

I am happy to post this guest post written by friend and fellow Youth Minister Chris Woodrow. Chris is the Youth Minister at Western Heights Church of Christ in Sherman TX. Chris and I attended the recent N.T. Wright Read more

Life, Hope, and Baby Goats

I want a baby goat. Preferably, I would like a goat that is only one week or so old. I’ll take the mother too, but only on the condition that the baby doesn’t grow any older. I want a Read more

A Fate Worse Than Death

"But, when you‟ve sat with a wife who has just found out that her husband has been cheating on her for years, and you realize what it is going to do to their marriage … and you see the Read more

O Be Careful Little Mouth

My daughter sings a simple sunday school song titled O Be Careful Little Eyes. The song warns children to be carful what their eyes see, what their ears hear, what their hands do, and where their feet go. It’s Read more

Kisses From God

origami-swanEvery once and a while God gives me a kiss. He has probably kissed you before too, but you may have missed it. A kiss from God is just a little affirmation or uplifting coincidence found in everyday life. It usually comes during a hard or stressful time when you need it most. As if God is trying to say “I love you, that’s all that matters.”

I was reminded of this by a simple commercial for Extra gum. It is a heart warming depiction of a father and his daughter living life together. The father has this unique talent for folding origami out of gum wrappers. He gives his young daughter a piece of gum and then folds the wrapper into the shape of a swan. It’s just a small little gesture to show his love. Read more

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Stuff I Like – 9/27/2013

silThe following is a list of links to articles and posts I read this week and enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them too.

Binding Your Isaac, Finding Your Lamb

Chris has a great post on trusting and following God no matter where he tells you to go. This post really resonated with me this week. I hope you enjoy it.

Chris says:

“God is frequently sending us. But rarely does he reveal the final destination. We are usually called to obey with only enough light to see the next step ahead of us. How it’s all going to work out, where we’re finally going to end up, is a mystery. By faith we trust in where God sends, though we cannot see it with out own eyes.” Read more

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Praying Outside the Lines

Coloring-with-Audacity1When I was a little kid in elementary school I thought it would be funny to play a prank on the teacher. I decided to put sticky tape on the her chair so that it would stick to her bottom. Influenced by my friends, I boldly crawled out of my desk and snuck across the floor while the teacher was writing on the board. I strategically placed the tape on her chair and crawled back to my desk before she turned around. It was a bold thing to do. She could have turned at any moment and caught me crawling across the floor. If I had been caught… Read more

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On Earth as it is in Heaven

I saw this video the other day on Josh Grave’s Blog. It reminded me of something Jesus said in the Lord’s prayer. He said:

“your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.” (Luke 11:2-4)

What’s interesting to me is Jesus doesn’t Read more

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Stuff I Like – 9/20/13

The following is a list of links to articles and posts I read this week and enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them too.

How To Spot a Manipulative Church Leader

Don talks about a bad preacher he had growing up. It is a good read about a corruptt, controling Minister.

Soon, the entire congregation fell under his spell. We loved it when he delighted in us but feared screwing up. One Sunday he snapped at the man working in the sound booth so sharply the man turned red from embarrassment. The pastor, realizing he’d gone too far, explained, ferociously, that God is a God of excellence and wouldn’t stand for mistakes, even from volunteer sound guys. He then quoted a passage about how we were supposed to be perfect even as Christ is perfect.; Read more

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Do You Talk to God With That Mouth?

Angry-GodFor the past two weeks my life has felt like some type of survival centered television show. My wife has been out of town and she left me alone with our two daughters to fend for ourselves. We have survived, but only through love and support for one another, and the blessing of frozen food.

Our oldest daughter, Lily, is twelve and is an invaluable help with her three-year-old sister. Lily has really stepped up in her role as the oldest female in the house this week. She does things a Dad just can’t do (at least not this one), like comb and style her sister’s long silky Rapunzel hair.

Last Wednesday night I was particularly busy getting ready for evening church service. Some friends offered to pick my girls up and bring them to church while I stayed and got some work done, I gladly accepted. I asked my oldest to make sure to fix her sister’s hair before church (otherwise reports might get back to my wife that things were going awry at home), which she did, but by the time she got to church, you couldn’t tell the hair had ever been brushed.

You see, our friends have a convertible and they all thought it would be fun to ride with the top down, which wreaked havoc on the newly brushed hair. When I finally saw them at church that night, the first thing out of Lily’s mouth was “I fixed her hair I promise!” Read more

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Stuff I Like

Stuff-I-likeThe following is a list of links to articles and posts I read this week and enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them too.

If You’re Not Scared, You’re Not Doing It Right

Justin Zoradi says If You’re Not Scared, You’re Not Doing It Right. He tells us fear is a good indicator of where God is leading you in your life. An ally that accompanies the truly amazing innovators among us.

“I’ve been scared for the last 3 years… Scared about the direction of my organization, scared about making sure I can pay the mortgage, scared I’m pigeon-holing my career before my 30th birthday.” – Justin Zoradi Read more

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What Does It Mean To Commune With God?

communing-with-God-2Lately my wife and I have been teaching our 3-year-old daughter about praying. So every once and a while before school, or before a meal, we will ask her if she will pray. She says the cutest little prayers. She prays things like, “Tank you for my mommy, tank you for my daddy, tank you for my toys…”

Lately, she isn’t quite sure what to pray for. She will start out with her standard prayer, then she will pause, look up at us and ask. “Ummmm…what else can I say?”

At our church we take communion every Sunday. We believe it is a crucial part of our worship experience. We believe that at the moment when we take the cup and the bread, we are truly communing with God.

But what does that mean? What does it mean to commune? If you stopped someone this Sunday after church and asked, I’m not sure anyone could give you a good answer. We take our little piece of cracker, and our little cup of juice, we bow our heads and….

Read more

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Why We All Should Be Struggling With God

StrugglingWithGodWhen I was in high school, long before Toby Mac sang solo, there was a popular Christian band called DC Talk. Their number one selling album was titled Jesus Freak and featured a song called “What if I Stumble.” At the very beginning of that track was a quote that I have never forgotten. It says: “The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today are Christians. People who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, but walk out the door with a non-brother lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have preached that message, basically raking believers over the coals for their behavior. It reminds me of something Jesus said about the teachers of the law: “They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.” (Matthew 23:4).

Read more

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Starting to Struggle

Dead-EndSome time ago there was this tv commercial of a guy surfing the internet. It depicted him flying through hundreds of different websites with this look of extreme boredom on his face. It didn’t matter what he clicked on, it didn’t matter what he saw, nothing the internet had to offer could perk his interest. Until finally he reaches the end, and a page pops up that says: “Alert: You have reached the end of the internet. You have seen everything there is to see. Please go back now.”

That is how I used to feel about the Bible. I used to think I knew everything there was to know, which I realize is pretty arrogant, so let me explain. It wasn’t that I knew everything, it was this feeling like I had heard or seen every take and explanation there was for any given piece of scripture. Almost like this stagnant knowledge of God and his Word. No matter what I read, no matter who I listened too, it didn’t seem like there wasn’t anything fresh or new to be learned.

Read more

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