Stuff I Like – 9/27/2013

silThe following is a list of links to articles and posts I read this week and enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them too.

Binding Your Isaac, Finding Your Lamb

Chris has a great post on trusting and following God no matter where he tells you to go. This post really resonated with me this week. I hope you enjoy it.

Chris says:

“God is frequently sending us. But rarely does he reveal the final destination. We are usually called to obey with only enough light to see the next step ahead of us. How it’s all going to work out, where we’re finally going to end up, is a mystery. By faith we trust in where God sends, though we cannot see it with out own eyes.”

The Great Soda Caper

Sunday I posted a short little blog about God’s kingdom on earth. Richard’s post is an another example of how God is powerfuly bringing his Kingdom to earth. It is a good, easy read and worth your time. Enjoy.

Richard Says:

“I went to pick Kristi up at her assisted living facility. We were going to celebrate her birthday. She wanted to get some new sunglasses. Though Kristi is blind her eyes are sensitive to light. Plus, the sunglasses help aesthetically as they do for blind people.

So for her birthday I was going to take Kristi to pick out some sunglasses and then take her to lunch.”

Pray for your Preacher

We recently hired a new preacher at our church. As can be expected, it can take everyone time to adjust. No matter how you feel about this adjustment phase, I can assure you it is a difficult time for any preacher. So I wonder, have you thought about praying for him? Dave has a great post over at Blogging Theologically on that very subject. Go read it and by all means, pray for your preacher/pastor.

Dave Says:

“Pastoral ministry is difficult and demanding work. The pastor is expected to be on call 24/7, preach one to three messages a week, lead Bible studies, small groups, speak at funerals, weddings, make hospital visits, or to meet many other needs as required of a shepherd of a church. The demands of pastoral ministry can wear down a pastor to the point of exhaustion.”

Once again a disclamer for anyone out there wishing to attack me. Here it is: Just because I have linked to these sites/articles doesn’t mean I endorse everything contained in them. Take what you like, spit the rest out.


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